Posted: 05/29/2015

Stellengesuch - Seeking Position:


Florida / USA

Introduction / Vorstellung

German, talented and resourceful individual offering a unique blend of cross-functional skills resulting from more than 17 years of demanding leadership roles and providing excellent customer service to various businesses. Self-starter who shows initiative and can conduct business in a professional manner. Possess good customer relations skills, presenting a positive company image.

Strong interpersonal listening and rapport-building skills, with aptitude to effectively communicate with customers, coworkers, business associates, and management, maintaining customer satisfaction.
Experienced in all office business practices, answering customer inquires, addressing problems, and maintaining confidentiality. Receptive to and supportive of team efforts to ensure customer satisfaction.
Strong ability to keep efficient control of finance and human resources.
Proven ability to plan, organize and manage events as well as work hand-in-hand with business owners and the general public.
Demonstrated to work well under stressful conditions, committed to ideals and excellence.

Welcome new challenges, accept responsibility, enjoy working with people and value good manners.

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Subject: Management

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