How to Find a Job in Germany as an American

Are you looking to work for an American or German company in Germany? Learn about the three basic rules of success for finding a job in Germany as a US citizen in this Germany-USA Career Center video:

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Would you like to learn more? Here's what applicants say about our Career Adviser service:

"The assistance was invaluable. [My Career Adviser] was extremely helpful in providing a refinement of my plan to seek employment with a German firm in the USA. I would highly recommend your service to anyone with like goals and interests.

For myself, I was gratified to find out that most of my search plan was well founded and I was basically on the right track. What I discovered was that I, and I would guess that others, have a few misconceptions about what is needed or wanted from a candidate seeking employment with a German firm.

The concise and informative disclosure of the skills being sought and the processes that generate highest success was of great value to me.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being "excellent", how would you rate the service rendered by our Career Adviser?

11 – 12! I made up more ground today than I have in the last four months.

Obviously, there are no magic answers or easy solution, especially in this difficult economy, but the Germany-USA Career Center is definitely focused on their mission. Anyone who is seeking a position with a German firm here or in Europe, should consider the Adviser Service as a necessity, not an option.

Would you recommend the Germany-USA Career Center?

Absolutely! The process of finding meaningful employment with a German-run organization is not overly-difficult, but does require some planning, organization and focus. This is the greatest value I have received so far. I was able to ask the questions that have troubled me and I was given a great deal of insight to the process I had already begun. The information gained is invaluable.

[My Career Adviser] has offered his help as an adviser and resource along the way. I could not ask for more at this point. I have a clear goal and a good cohesive plan. As always, the effort has to come from the candidate, but the strength of knowing that you have a resource group behind you means a great deal."

David Teets, Naples

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