How to Find a Job in Germany as an American

Are you looking to work for an American or German company in Germany? Learn about the three basic rules of success for finding a job in Germany as a US citizen in this Germany-USA Career Center video:

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"[My Career Adviser] gave me a TON of great advice today. I honestly can’t wait to start using it (I’m still at work :-).

I plan to re-do my cover letter and CV based on his advice. I also plan to enroll and/or sign-up for several of the employment and social networking sites he suggested.

Right now, the help has been to get me pointed in the right direction and how to increase my chances of successful employment in Germany.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being "excellent", how would you rate the service rendered by our Career Adviser?

I rate it a 9. I only knocked your service one point because, to be honest, I’m a real frugal guy and I would have liked to pay a little less than $140.

I definitely would recommend your services because I was given more helpful information in one hour than in a week of personal web searching."

Michael Custer, Silicon Valley

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