How to Find Work With American Companies in Germany?

The Germany-USA Career Center recruiting network in German-speaking Europe covers Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Stuttgart and Munich, Basle and Zurich, Vienna and Salzburg, as well as many other cities and regions in Germany / Austria / Switzerland.

Most American companies in Germany are run by German management. Resume format, application process and employment requirements are quite different from what you may be used to in the US.

Up-to-date Lists of American Companies in Germany

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If you are not familiar with working in Germany as an American, we recommend contacting our experienced Career Adviser team first. Our career services specialists can answer even your most difficult questions, and help you find work in Germany fast! Learn more

Got everything lined up? Then make sure to upload your resume into our Resume Library. It's FREE. This database is one of the main tools for many companies looking to hire Americans to work in Germany!

How the Career Adviser Service Works

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The Germany-USA Career Adviser is the only service of its kind for this niche. Upon receipt of your Career Adviser appointment reservation, we will confirm your consulting session.

Your personal Career Adviser will then call you at a pre-arranged time to provide you with assistance that is custom-tailored for your situation.

Your questions will be addressed by experts, not interns, at a time that's convenient for you.

What results can you expect:

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Do You Have the Right Resume?

If you need personal assistance with your CV, or if you have questions regarding your particular job search situation, our Career Adviser service will be glad to help.

Many other questions about seeking employment with an American or German company are more general.

You will find many essential answers to your questions on our FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page:

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