Career Adviser Service

Our experts can help you find a new position fast - and save on your search costs. This is the only service of its kind in Germany and in the U.S. Wir sprechen Deutsch!

Who should use the Career Adviser service

The Career Adviser consultations are tailored to the needs of candidates who are determined to find employment in the U.S. or Germany, and need personal assistance with their job search strategy and next career step in a particular industry, region or city.

Career Adviser - Internship Level

$ 99.95

The Fast Track to an Internship!

Internships (in USA, Canada or Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

Career Adviser - Mid-Career Level

$ 139.95

Your shortcut to German and American companies.

Technical, Service, Sales and Management Levels

Career Adviser - Executive Level

$ 189.95

The inside track for experienced leaders and decision makers.

Executive Level; for Director, Vice President / Senior VP, General Manager, CFO, COO, CEO and comparable levels

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How the Career Adviser Works

If you don't need personal assistance with your search or career coaching, but are simply looking for a way to send your CV to a list of American companies in Germany, or German companies in the US, you can make use of our "CV Alert" list once you have created your free account and submitted your resume. Get started and upload your CV here!

Are you still weighing your options, or not ready yet to connect with U.S. or German companies?

Find valuable information in the free Help / Questions & Answers section of this website!

Learn how your fellow employment seekers from the U.S., Canada, Germany, Austria and Switzerland have rated the Career Adviser service:

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My GUCC Experience

"I think it was extremely helpful and opened my eyes to opportunities and ideas that I had not previously given thought to or known about. It has given me a window into other options that I did not know existed and had not even thought of."

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being "excellent", how would you rate the service rendered by our Career Adviser?

"10 without a doubt. Yes, I would highly recommend this service. The service was very helpful and offered information specific to what I was looking for and was not just 'cookie cutter' information.


Justin Torrito
Pittsburgh, PA

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Your faster way to results:

The Germany-USA Career Center is the leading recruiting source for U.S.-German and German-American markets. It provides employment, career and search services for companies and individuals in the US and in Germany.

Das Germany-USA Career Center, die führende Personalberatung für die deutsch-amerikanische Wirtschaft, offeriert Personaldienstleistungen und Personalvermittlung für den Handel zwischen Deutschland und den USA.

Please note: We are a professional firm with a proven track record in providing recruiting, targeted job posting / mailing and career services in this niche market.

We are not a Chamber of Commerce, deutsch-amerikanische Handelskammer, German American Chamber of Commerce, or Außenhandelskammer.

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Resume Writing (Deutsch - American English - German)

English: Aren't you getting any calls on your resume / application with companies in Germany, Austria or Switzerland? One likely reason is that your CV and cover letter do not meet the standards and requirements for applying for a job with German companies, which are very different from what you are used to in the US.

Our experienced resume writers and translators are familiar with the finer points of applying for a position in Germany. They are standing by to create the right German job application for your career level!

Deutsch: Benötigen Sie Hilfe beim Erstellen Ihres Resumes für die USA? Wenn Sie sich erfolgreich in den USA bewerben wollen, dürfen Sie nichts dem Zufall überlassen. Es bestehen gravierende Unterschiede zwischen einer Bewerbung in den USA und dem Lebenslauf samt Anschreiben und Referenzen, wie er in Deutschland üblich ist.

Unsere Career Adviser und Übersetzer sind mit den Feinheiten und Unterschieden für jede Karrierestufe vertraut. Wir helfen Ihnen, Ihre Bewerbungsunterlagen für amerikanische Firmen professionell und aussagekräftig zu gestalten.

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My GUCC Experience

"Very helpful. A perfect introduction to the us job market."

Marcus Wachsmuth
Burg, Germany

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