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We wish we could offer you hundreds or thousands of current job offers in business between the U.S. and Germany. But for that, this niche is by far too small and too specialized. Also, many vacancies are not advertised. They get filled in the "hidden" job market, or because the company or recruiter gets notified when an applicants activates the CV Alert.

Occasionaly, we post jobs on this page. But the Germany-USA Career Center is not a job board.

Its purpose is to assist companies with recruiting and hiring the right candidates for their vacancies. Employment seekers find help with identifying great career opportunities at the right companies in Germany or in the U.S.

For many companies, the reason why they use GUCC's mailing list (since 1997) and resume library (since 1998) is its niche focus.

They gain access to our pool of specialized candidates for a flat fee. There is a good chance it's exactly you they want.

Signing up and keeping your CV on file for hiring companies is FREE for you!

So make sure we have your application and CV on file.

It should meet the - different! - standards and requirements of applying for employment in the U.S. or in Germany, respectively. You can sign up or sign in and upload it here:










Virtual Health Coach (German speaking)

Work at Home


Noom, Inc.


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If you did not find an answer in this section, feel free to drop us a message at , or call +1 (508) 597-7101 or toll free +1 (866) 952-6999!

Germany-USA Career Adviser Service

Would you prefer personal assistance in preparing your next career step in business between the US and Germany? Contact our friendly and knowledgable Career Adviser team!

Hilfe zum Thema "Arbeiten in den USA"

Sie benötigen Hilfe beim Lebenslauf oder bei der Bewerbung in den USA? Sie suchen eine aktuelle Liste von deutschen Firmen in den USA? Die freundlichen Experten unseres Career Services Teams helfen gerne weiter!

My GUCC Experience

Image of Alyssa Twitchell, Fullerton, CA

"Very helpful. I discovered more opportunities than I imagined."

Career Services user Alyssa Twitchell
Fullerton, CA

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Your faster way to results:

The Germany-USA Career Center is the leading recruiting source for U.S.-German and German-American markets. It provides employment, career and search services for companies and individuals in the US and in Germany.

Das Germany-USA Career Center, die führende Personalberatung für die deutsch-amerikanische Wirtschaft, offeriert Personaldienstleistungen und Personalvermittlung für den Handel zwischen Deutschland und den USA.

Please note: We are a professional firm with a proven track record in providing recruiting, targeted job posting / mailing and career services in this niche market.

We are not a Chamber of Commerce, deutsch-amerikanische Handelskammer, German American Chamber of Commerce, or Außenhandelskammer.

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Career Adviser Service

Our experts can help you find a new position fast - and save on your search costs.

The Germany-USA Career Adviser service is the ONLY service of its kind in Germany and in the U.S. We also cover Austria and Switzerland. Wir sprechen Deutsch!

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My GUCC Experience

"My session was especially helpful and informative. The service helped me focus on the best and most realistic options in my job search considering my skills, experience and interests in the German-American job market."

3. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being "excellent", how would you rate the service rendered by our Career Adviser? "10."

"I highly recommend the Germany-USA Career Center for anyone pursuing employment in the specialized market."

Alan D.
San Diego

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