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The Germany-USA Career Center is the leading recruiting source for U.S.-German and German-American markets. It provides employment, career and search services for companies and individuals in the US and in Germany.

Das Germany-USA Career Center, die führende Personalberatung für die deutsch-amerikanische Wirtschaft, offeriert Personaldienstleistungen und Personalvermittlung für den Handel zwischen Deutschland und den USA.

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Career Adviser Service

Our experts can help you find a new position fast - and save on your search costs.

The Germany-USA Career Adviser service is the ONLY service of its kind in Germany and in the U.S. We also cover Austria and Switzerland. Wir sprechen Deutsch!

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My GUCC Experience

"I think it was extremely helpful and opened my eyes to opportunities and ideas that I had not previously given thought to or known about. It has given me a window into other options that I did not know existed and had not even thought of."

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being "excellent", how would you rate the service rendered by our Career Adviser?

"10 without a doubt. Yes, I would highly recommend this service. The service was very helpful and offered information specific to what I was looking for and was not just 'cookie cutter' information.


Justin Torrito
Pittsburgh, PA

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