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We maintain the highest standards of ethical professional conduct. Please see our Privacy Policy for details. Also, there's NO FEE for uploading your resume, or once you get hired by one of our clients.

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Caution: Do not upload your CV to online communities or discussion groups, which are used for scams, identity theft and online fraud.

My GUCC Experience

Image of Heather Simon, Los Angeles

"The adviser is very knowledgeable about companies in Germany and how they operate and also companies here in the US.


Career Services user Heather Simon
Los Angeles

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Identify job info sources!

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To advertise vacancies, German, Austrian and Swiss companies use different publications, platforms and agencies than U.S. employers.

Is this the first time you are job hunting in a new country? Your first step should be to learn where career opportunities are typically announced.

What's universal is that many career opportunities are not broadly advertised. Candidates who know the ropes learn about them in the "hidden job market."

That term describes the formal and informal industry, professional and social networks of "people who know people." Think former co-workers or clients, conference or trade show contacts, even - in the US - your Parents-Teachers Association (PTA) or - in Germany - your local soccer or tennis club.

Bottom line: Research and respond to online job postings as part of your basic homework, but spend the majority of your time networking in the field where you would like to find employment.

...and always keep an eye out for opportunities that present themselves where and when you expect it least!

In our niche - international business between the U.S. and Germany - many job seekers who want to reach out proactively and get on the radar of German and American companies and recruiters use the CV Alert service. Find out more below:

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Career Adviser Service

Our experts can help you find a new position fast - and save on your search costs.

The Germany-USA Career Adviser service is the ONLY service of its kind in Germany and in the U.S. We also cover Austria and Switzerland. Wir sprechen Deutsch!

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My GUCC Experience

"Very helpful. A perfect introduction to the us job market."

Marcus Wachsmuth
Burg, Germany

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