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"Very helpful. The service has provided me practical advice, and made me aware of excellent job hunting resources.
Professional service. Excellent resources at your fingertips. Saves a lot of time for job seekers.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being "excellent," Ron Diaz rated the service rendered by his Career Adviser a "10."

Career Services user Ron Diaz
Albany, NY

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Top 10 German Companies to Work for in IT (2015)

Image: Germany-USA Career Tips

As an IT employer in Germany, Facebook has passed Porsche: One finding of the 2015 students survey "Germany's Most Attractive Employers" by Stockholm, Sweden based employer branding agency Universum Global.

The annual survey reveals which companies German students find attractive as potential future employers.

34,607 students from 219 universities participated in the 2015 study, the results are ranked by fields of employment.

Facebook passing Porsche for the first time among the top 10 IT employers of choice in Germany is not the only surprise of the 2015 survey.

Another one: BMW Group has moved up the ranks. Will it push SAP, the homegrown German enterprise software giant, down from SAP's #5 position (which SAP also held in 2014) in 2016?

Audi, another automotive manufacturer, ranks 4th. Subsidiaries of American companies in Germany - Google, Microsoft and Apple - are camping out on positions 1 through 3.

Source: Universum Global

Are you an American IT professional who is looking to find a job in Germany, with a big brand name employer, a "Mittelstand" company, or an Internet startup? Get on the fast track:

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"Very helpful. The biggest value was providing information
and advice which I did not know yet.

It has pointed me in some new directions. Useful tips as well as constructive criticism on the resume/CV (Lebenslauf)."

Career Services user Stephan Mayer
Sacramento, CA

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