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Digital Tools for Your Job Search in Germany as an American

Image: Germany-USA Career Tips

Successful job hunters dedicate 80 percent of their efforts to person-to-person networking, surveys found.

Only 20 percent of your job search in Germany as an American should be spent on job boards or surfing career websites.

Time and money are critical factors during any job search, and even more so when planning for a career abroad. Picking the right digital tools will help you focus on what's important.

What did most Americans who are now working in Germany do that made their job hunt a success?

Apps and web services can free up, and help you manage, the demanding schedule that comes with doing it right.

How to Get Organized Like a German

It's important to choose your digital tools with care, because mastering apps or websites that are too complex can distract you from accomplishing your main mission.

Pick online tools that will make it easier, not harder, to focus on your job search. Here are a few characteristics to look for:

Based on these criteria, we have compiled a shortlist of recommended tools. Check them out on the Germany-USA Career Center Blog:

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