"Position Sought" Ads

"Position Sought" Ads (Stellengesuche)

at the Germany-USA Career Center

What it is:

Position Sought Ads - in German: "Stellengesuche" - are a Classifieds category that is common in Germany. Job seekers publicly announce / advertise their search for a new position, often without revealing their identity, to not alert their current employer to their search.

Disclaimer for Employers

The "Position Sought" advertisements on this page are published by the Germany-USA Career Center as per request of job seekers. They are, however, not representative, neither quantitative nor qualitative, for the applications in our Resume Library, which comprises the largest pre-screened collection of structured resumes / applications for this market.

This free-form category (German: "Stellengesuche") is common in Germany. Such ads are paid for by candidates, who often are currently employed and (frequently without disclosing their identity) publicly announce their availability for employment. Contacting them directly, as indicated in their postings, is free for employers / recruiters. Would you like to get notified by email about new "Position Sought" postings on this page? Contact us here!

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