Recruiting Employees in Germany

Does your company need top bilingual professionals in Germany? Through the extensive recruiting network "on location," the Germany-USA Career Center will connect you with the most suitable professionals and executives, and optionally support you throughout the entire selection process.

Approach, Benefits and Rates

Image: Munich, Bavaria, Germany: German Base for Many U.S. High-Tech Companies on GUCC Recruiting in Germany page

To receive a detailed overview of our recruitment services for employers, please contact the Germany-USA Career Center here:

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Navigate the complex, sometimes demanding, German employment market and the European regulatory landscape fast and with ease!

Call +1 (508) 597-7101 or (866) 952-6999 (toll free from the US) to get answers for your questions regarding the focus or any specific circumstances of your search.

For more than 15 years, the Germany-USA Career Center has helped U.S. companies find the right candidates for new and existing operations in Germany, Austria or Switzerland.

Well-documented expertise in this niche, U.S.-based account management, flat-rate based services and a wide-reaching candidate network in North America and in Germany, Austria and Switzerland guarantee a cost-efficient search and get fast, top-quality results.

My GUCC Experience

"I think it was extremely helpful and opened my eyes to opportunities and ideas that I had not previously given thought to or known about. It has given me a window into other options that I did not know existed and had not even thought of."

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being "excellent", how would you rate the service rendered by our Career Adviser?

"10 without a doubt. Yes, I would highly recommend this service. The service was very helpful and offered information specific to what I was looking for and was not just 'cookie cutter' information.


Justin Torrito
Pittsburgh, PA

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Your faster way to results:

The Germany-USA Career Center is the leading recruiting source for U.S.-German and German-American markets. It provides employment, career and search services for companies and individuals in the US and in Germany.

Das Germany-USA Career Center, die führende Personalberatung für die deutsch-amerikanische Wirtschaft, offeriert Personaldienstleistungen und Personalvermittlung für den Handel zwischen Deutschland und den USA.

Please note: We are a professional firm with a proven track record in providing recruiting, targeted job posting / mailing and career services in this niche market.

We are not a Chamber of Commerce, deutsch-amerikanische Handelskammer, German American Chamber of Commerce, or Außenhandelskammer.

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Focus = Lower Cost, Better Results.

The Germany-USA Career Center solution has saved the day for many companies looking to staff their cross-border operations between USA and Germany. Here's why:

We do not believe in taking the shotgun approach to a highly specialized employment market. One size does not fit all.

By focusing on this niche and your needs, we can provide you with access to the right candidates - faster, and for a fraction of the cost that you could spend elsewhere.

Find out how to lower cost and improve results when recruiting employees for your American / German operations in the U.S. and in Germany:

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Sprechen Sie Social Media?

On behalf of our clients, the Germany-USA Career Center is tuned in to the relevant social media networks - both in the U.S. and in German-speaking Europe.

The recent initiative in Germany to prevent HR and recruiters by law from looking up (prospective and current) employees on FacebookTM illustrates the vast difference between the U.S. and Germany when it comes to social media use for recruitment, retention and employer branding purposes.

The Germany-USA Career Center helps you avoid the pitfalls. At the same time, your company's talent acquisition or employer branding campaign gets maximum exposure on social media and industry insider networks in both countries.

Boost your results rate,apply for access to our resume database today!

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