Talent Acquisition for American Companies in Berlin

For many U.S. companies who have launched an office in the German capital, the Germany-USA Career Center is the partner of choice for recruiting local staff and leaders with a background working for US-based organizations.

Why do American companies looking to staff their new office in Berlin, Germany chose the Germany-USA Career Center?

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Find the Right Staff and Management in Berlin

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The office workers, sales professionals and engineers your company can connect with through the Germany-USA Career Center are at least bilingual (German / English). Many have a background in working for American-owned - startup - companies.

The metro region Berlin is Germany's largest - and most cosmopolitan - employment market. Two million of its residents speak at least two languages. More than 500,000 Berlin residents speak two or more languages in addition to German.

More than 500,000 employees currently working for companies in Berlin have graduated from a university or a college of applied sciences.

My GUCC Experience

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"I got a lot of new information. They know what they are doing."

Career Services user Marco Krause
Bavaria, Germany

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Your faster way to results:

The Germany-USA Career Center is the leading recruiting source for U.S.-German and German-American markets. It provides employment, career and search services for companies and individuals in the US and in Germany.

Das Germany-USA Career Center, die führende Personalberatung für die deutsch-amerikanische Wirtschaft, offeriert Personaldienstleistungen und Personalvermittlung für den Handel zwischen Deutschland und den USA.

Please note: We are a professional firm with a proven track record in providing recruiting, targeted job posting / mailing and career services in this niche market.

We are not a Chamber of Commerce, deutsch-amerikanische Handelskammer, German American Chamber of Commerce, or Außenhandelskammer.

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Career Adviser Service

Our experts can help you find a new position fast - and save on your search costs.

The Germany-USA Career Adviser service is the ONLY service of its kind in Germany and in the U.S. We also cover Austria and Switzerland. Wir sprechen Deutsch!

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