Spotlight: Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is the entertainment, manufacturing, and international trade capital of the U.S.. With $500 billion in annual output, Los Angeles County ranks among the world's largest economies.

Its GDP is larger than Switzerland, Sweden, even Saudi Arabia. Los Angeles County's population of 10.4 million, including many with Austrian, German, or Swiss background, would make it the 8th largest state in the United States.

The region is a major global force in tourism, wholesale trade, cargo and logistics, technology and motion picture/TV production, with unparalleled direct international trade. The high-tech community includes bio-medical research facilities, digital information technology, environmental technology, and creative resource industries.

Manufacturing industries like apparel, computer and electronic products, transportation products, toys, fabricated metal products, food products, and furniture companies thrive.

German Companies in Los Angeles

Image: Photo: Skyline Downtown Los Angeles, Illustration for Spotlight Los Angeles, California (Germany-USA Career Center) on GUCC Spotlight: Los Angeles, CA page

With more than 330 companies, Germany ranks 3rd on the list of countries with direct investments in Los Angeles, as measured by German-owned and -affiliated business establishments in the area. Many of them find German-speaking employees using the Germany-USA Career Center.

Germany-USA Career Center applicants who have created an account and uploaded their CV can distribute their resume to German companies in the Los Angeles, CA metro region by using our CV Alert service.

For a current list of German companies in Los Angeles, information on specific industries or career networking opportunities for German-speaking job seekers, contact the Career Adviser service.

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Los Angeles: Top 5 Industries

by share of foreign-owned entities (2010)

Industry# of entities
Retail trade981
Wholesale trade930
Finance & Insurance481
Transportation & Warehousing347

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We are not a Chamber of Commerce, deutsch-amerikanische Handelskammer, German American Chamber of Commerce, or Außenhandelskammer.

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