Stellengesuch - Seeking Position

Business Development / M&A

New York City

Introduction / Vorstellung

As an current Business Development Manager and certified German attorney, I provide counsel for the implementation of mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and related activities. Within this area, I have seven years relevant experience consulting on critical business and legal issues, specifically due diligence, pre-deal analysis, development of integration project plans and post-deal implementation processes.

Additionally, I advise strategically in the planning, execution, separation, integration and organizational restructuring of post merger joint venture initiatives.

As an German attorney (Free University of Berlin) and MBA (Danube Unviersity, Austria),I provide German and European law & business expertise with a strong focus on the European legal system and the European market.

I am seeking a job in the New York City metropolitan area, where I can be responsible for identifying and evaluating mergers and acquisitions as well as joint venture and strategic alliance opportunities.

I would like to support European/German and/or American companies in the context of strategic planning, business development and law.

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